Gamescom: Inversion resurfaces with new Screens

Aug 19, 2010   //   by Rick   //   Playstation, Xbox  //  No Comments

Do you remember Inversion, Namco Bandai’s new gravity based shooter? Well, it has resurfaced today at Gamescom with brand new screens. The story behind the game is that a mysterious force called the Lutadore have attacked without warning or provocation, and utilizing advanced gravity-controlling weapons, they have started wreaking havoc. The two protagonists who are involved, Davis Russel, a police officer with anger management issues, and his neighbor, Leo Delgado, form a team to find Davis’ missing child, and come in contact with mysterious gravity-based anomalies. In order to survive, the enterprising pair must use the¬†Lutadore’s weapons against them in an effort to find out what is going on and why. While there is no gameplay footage of the title in action, several screens have been released to re-ignite public interest in the game. Screens are below!

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